Confidential Diaries: Headed Home

Confidential Diaries: Headed Home

It’s the final show of our tour and, quite honestly, I’m equal parts sad, excited and drained.

Obviously, I’m sad because I love performing.

Compared to Dancing With the Stars, performing live is extremely intimate. Because I don’t have to perform for the cameras, I can focus on the audience. Give them energy and feed off their energy, in return. It’s just a lot more interactive in that way. That, and dancing for a solid hour and a half is, understandably, a lot harder on your body than a minute-and-a-half television performance.

But the outpouring of support and praise I’ve received from fans and critics has made the hard work, grueling schedule, and time on the road completely worth it. Even though I’ve experienced one of my biggest professional disappointments (I am SO sorry, Grand Prairie; I’ve never missed a performance due to illness and I hate that you had to be my first), I’ve made so many wonderful memories on this tour (standing ovations, meet and greets with fans, Shai’s stage debut, and travelling the country with my friends and family) that I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

That said, after a couple months on tour, I miss home. I miss having Shai in a normal environment. I miss my self-care routines and personal space. And I really miss our peaceful family walks around the neighborhood. I’m excited to regain some kind of normality and move on to my next project (whatever that may be).

I think part of this need to, like, decompress comes from the show itself. I’ve talked a lot about how incredibly personal this show is – it’s essentially retelling my life story and my story with Maks. While that’s a big part of why this show in particular has connected so well with me, it’s also incredibly draining after a while. I mean, just imagine having to relive a breakup with the love of your life nearly every night for a solid two months! I’ve made it my mission to give my all night after night, so I welcome this break before that well of inspiration runs completely dry, you know?

So, I’m sad to take a break from the stage, but I’m excited about what opportunities come next. I’ll be on QVC on May 22 promoting my Peta Jane line of tanning products and have some exciting things coming up on All Things Fam & Glam. But beyond that, I’m looking forward to the little things like reorganizing the house, unpacking suitcases, and going on a much-needed vacation – bring on the beach!

One last huge thank you to everyone who came out to see Confidential. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I’ve enjoyed performing for you. I have the absolute best fans and you’re the reason I do what I do.

XO Peta


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Photo Credit: Carl Scheffel

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