DWTS Week 2: One of the Hardest Weeks Ever

DWTS Week 2: One of the Hardest Weeks Ever

Well, we made it through the first week of the season!

There’s always a lot of nerves going into premiere night, but I have to say that I think Nick handled the nerves the best out of any of my partners. He has a lot of experience doing TV, and I think that helped him.


That said, he was still nervous, and that definitely affected his performance. I thought he did so well, but there were a few moves that I know he’d done better in rehearsal than he did in front of the audience Monday. But there were also parts of the dance that hadn’t gone well until the live performance, so it went both ways.

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Watching the rest of the cast dance on Monday was great. I thought so many people did a fantastic job. As I said before the premiere, I think Lindsey Stirling and Jordan Fisher are the frontrunners. They have a ton of experience dancing for an audience, and it showed Monday. I definitely think we’re going to see them in the finals. But I think Nick has a big shot at going all the way because he has already grown so much, and I think he has the potential to become a really fantastic dancer.

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