6 Ways I Kept Glam While Growing My Fam

6 Ways I Kept Glam While Growing My Fam

Your body goes through a lot of changes while baking a baby. Especially, toward the end of pregnancy, it definitely takes a toll – your hormones are all over the place, you exhaust yourself just putting on socks, then there’s the weight gain and stretch marks and belly button (I could go on and on…). Don’t get me wrong; it’s totally worth it. But with so many changes happening all the time, I needed a little extra help staying glam and feeling fab.

Here are six products that have really helped me stay on top of my game during these last few months of pregnancy.

Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Pure Retinol Express Smoothing Eye Mask

I love this baby with all my heart, but it feels like he sucking all the nutrients out of me. The result is a very tired mum with serious dark circles under my eyes. So the Shiseido eye masks have been a godsend. After a shower, I just glide these suckers on and go about my morning – making breakfast, stacking the dishwasher, walking around the house – and let the moisturizer soak in. They’re cool, refreshing and almost hide my lack of sleep.

Olaplex Hair Perfector No.3

You’ve probably heard that women tend to experience hair loss during or after pregnancy. Although prenatal vitamins help, it’s largely due to hormonal changes that you really can’t do much about. On top of that, I bleach my hair, which, if not done properly, can kill your hair. That’s why I’m so lucky to have come across Olaplex Hair Perfector. I have my hairdresser mix it in with the bleach on top of doing a weekly overnight deep conditioning with it, and I really do think it’s helped save my hair.

Nubian Heritage Raw Shea Butter

Ugh. Stretch marks: probably the least desirable part of pregnancy. I’m doing my part to prevent them with a simple routine of natural coconut oil and raw shea butter. So far, I’ve been in love with this shea butter lotion from Nubian Heritage. My friend Amber Rose introduced me to it, and I literally put it all over my body – focusing specifically on my breasts, belly, lower back, hips, butt, and upper thighs.

No-Slip Socks

Now that winter is here, there’s nothing better than a pair of thick socks when you’re hanging around at home. However, as warm as my feet were, I was slipping all over the place, making me nervous that I’d take a tumble. So I invested in some no-slip socks. You know, the ones with the little rubbery sticky treads on the bottom? It’s so nice to be able to walk around the house without shoes or the worry that I’ll fall over.

Body Pillow

It’s a classic sleeping tip, but it really does work. When lying on your side, elevate your upper knee with a pillow between your knees to ease pressure off your lower back and keep your hips aligned by preventing you from rolling over too far onto your stomach. Body pillows range in price, but usually start at around $30 (I think mine was $70) but, trust me, it is so worth it. In fact, you may need to hide it from your significant other…

Maks with Peta's body pillow.


Pregnancy dementia is totally a real thing. I would forget where I put my phone six times a day, swear to Maks that it was right beside me, and he’d laugh as he pulled from the handbag I put it in 10 minutes ago. So I started carrying around a little notepad to jot down my important thoughts and reminders, as well as my phone calendar to keep on top of events – because there’s nothing glam about missing something important just because you have the memory of an 80 year old.

So what do you think, parents out there: are there any products that helped you, as a mum-to-be or partner, get through those last months of pregnancy?

Photo Credit: Mikel Healey

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  1. I used SheaMoisture “mommy stretch mark body butter” (purchased from Target)throughout my 2nd and 3rd trimester. It sure did pay off and soothed me from the severe iching I had with my expanding belly. I wanna thank you for sharing your journey with us. You are beautiful and inspiring and you sure did have that beautiful mommy glow throughout your pregnancy. Congratulations to you and Maks, baby Shai is adorable. Have fun being parents xoxo

    Posted by: Mase S on March 30, 2017 at 2:49 am
  2. What color/product are on your lips in this pic? And, the nail polish? You look fabulous, Peta!! Congrats on y’all’s sweet family!

    Posted by: Kristin on February 8, 2017 at 7:47 pm
  3. Maks is so cute! Thanks for the blog. Love them. I have that same comforter. I use a body pillow prego or not!

    Posted by: Sheryl on February 8, 2017 at 6:10 pm
  4. You can just see the love for each other in your eyes you are a perfect couple have watched you so many years onDWTS feel like I know you

    Posted by: Linda on February 8, 2017 at 4:23 pm
  5. Peta, You and Maks are so adorable… I feel a bond and connection when reading your your posts, partially due to you being the ages of my children and just like my children are naturally beautiful, playful, real, and loving towards each other. The fact that I have followed both of your dancing carriers also plays into my joy of following both of you. The photo of Maks snuggling up to your body pillow with that smile on his face instantly made my day. BTW… are there any plans in the works for Maks and Val’s show to come to Oregon?
    Enjoy every moment of your new little bundle. If you have a chance listen to the song by Kenny Chesney “Don’t Blink.” xoxo

    Posted by: jennifer on February 8, 2017 at 12:35 pm
  6. This is what so great about this social media stuff — all this wonderful information we all get from others. BTW, congratulations on the birth of your Little Peanut Bundle of Joy!! Babies are wonderful, so enjoy him because one day you will turn around and he will be two!!!

    Posted by: Iris Havrilla on February 8, 2017 at 12:23 pm
  7. Congrats on new baby!
    My experience with my kids was the hair loss started several months after baby arrival. Just what a new mom wants to deal with! Best restorative… if you can get it… is extra sleep. Easier said than done, tho. I always feel a little more like my old self after the rare nap!

    Posted by: Lara on February 8, 2017 at 8:59 am
  8. Hello Peta, congratulations on your baby, many blessing!I’ll definetly give a try!Thanks for sharing

    Posted by: Piera on February 1, 2017 at 10:44 pm