8 Things I Learned About Being Pregnant

8 Things I Learned About Being Pregnant

For new moms like myself, being pregnant is a nine-month learning experience followed by a lifelong learning experience. There are so many changes happening in such a short period of time that you have to get really good at adapting to them as they come, accepting the short-term and long-term changes and just enjoy the experience for the blessing that it is.

Here are just a handful of things that I’ve learned while being pregnant.

  1. There’s No Perfect Time to Fall Pregnant. I was in the middle of one of the best DWTS seasons I’ve had the privilege of being a part of – not exactly the best timing for getting pregnant. It was a shock for sure, but Maks and I believe everything happens for a reason. So we’ve used this time to prepare as best we can and figure things out along the way.
  2. Your Body Will Change and That’s OK. Being a lifelong dancer who has prided herself on her super-fit physique, this was really hard for me at first. But a huge part of being healthy is learning to trust your body. I’m creating life. Like, a tiny spec that has grown into a fully developed baby. How amazing is that?! I’ve learned to accept the changes my body is undergoing and treat it well so it can concentrate on cooking my little mini-Maks.
  3. Your Sex Life Will Change and That’s OK. As if your changing body, hormones and life weren’t enough, don’t expect your sex life to be the same. Especially toward the end of your pregnancy, be sensitive to you and your partner’s feelings and needs – and don’t be afraid to get a little creative.
  4. Your Relationship Will Change and That’s OK. Through all the changes that I’ve experienced, I’ve felt closer to Maks than I ever thought possible. We did this together; we’re connected for life. We’ve discussed everything under the sun from schooling, to vaccinations, to emergency birth plans – sometimes spending hours immersed in conversation around the kitchen table. With all the plans we’re making for our child, we’re building a new level of trust in each other.
  5. Love Every Moment of the Experience. You don’t know frustration until you’re all alone and can’t bend over far enough to put on socks. Ugh. There are plenty of frustrating moments – particularly in the latter parts of pregnancy – but they’ll be happy memories that you can laugh at soon enough.
  6. Run With Your Emotions. I was 6 months along and completely freaking out because I didn’t have organic baby detergent to wash the still-baking baby’s clothes in. Maks just laughed and told me everything would be OK, but at the moment it seemed like the end of the world. Hormonal changes make you do some really weird things. If you need to cry about organic laundry detergent, go on and cry.
  7. Don’t Try to Do Everything Yourself. I can laugh about some of the hormone-induced craziness and frustrating sock moments because I have an awesome support network. Whether your partner, best friend or mum, take whatever help you can get. You aren’t invincible and no one expects you to be. So when someone offers to carry those heavy grocery bags for you, just say yes.
  8. Mothers Are Amazing. Without a doubt this process has given me a whole new appreciation for my mother and all the mothers out there. You’re strong and brave and I’m excited to be counted among you.Baby Peta and her mother
    My mum and me. <3

Photo Credit: Daniel Zelikovsky

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  1. We’re really enjoying your blog & sharing ips & experiences to help others. Been a long time since I had a new baby but I remember it well.

    We think it’s awesome that Maks is incl in everything – new dads feel left out so yes, give him the fun responsibilities (Shai’s playtime activity, when to go out & about, contacting babysitter, planning date night) – these things make new dads feel important & successful!

    Keep up the great work on blog, exercise/dance and new parenting!

    Posted by: @KarynPalminteri on February 20, 2017 at 4:01 pm