Healthy Snacks for Growing Boys

Healthy Snacks for Growing Boys

Now that Shai is a year old, we’ve started moving away from formula and onto big boy milk.

Honestly, it’s been a weird mix of emotions. I felt sad looking at the leftover boxes of formula, like the end of an era. There are even times I miss breastfeeding. Funny story: On the morning of Shai’s 1st birthday, I brought him in to see papa in bed. My boob fell out of my robe as I was leaning over, and he immediately spat his pacifier out and went it, opened-mouthed (Shai, not Maks – LOL!). So maybe we both miss it sometimes?

The process of weaning him has been… fun.

Growing up, my parents always made my brother and I try to eat all of our veggies before getting any pasta, meats or desserts. I try to do the same for Shai. When he was first trying out real foods, he’d eat any pureed vegetable, meat or fruit combo I’d put in front of him. Not that’s he’s older, you can definitely see his personality coming through as he gets a bit more picky (and forceful) about his likes and dislikes. He’d much rather have bread and watermelon instead of his veggies or fish. I used to just give in and let him eat in whatever order he wanted as long as he was eating. I’ve since learned to hide the yummy stuff until he’s done with his other food (this mom’s got tricks). 🙂

But the real reason I’m writing this post is to talk about snacks… Again.

I’ve already admitted my love of snacks, but did you know that this condition is, apparently, hereditary?! Yes, it appears as though my son Shai has inherited my love of snacking (does that make him the Prince of Snacks?). We made the mistake of forgetting to pack them in his diaper bag once and got to listen to his inconsolable crying from the back seat for the 20-minute drive home. Never again!

In fact, Maks, Shai and I just came back from a huge vacation to Australia and Canada; I practically traveled with a mini fridge to keep his snacking needs met. I HAD to be prepared with snacks for our own sanity and for the sanity of our fellow travelers.

Here’s what I packed:

Buckwheat pancakes and French toast – These breakfast staples are easy for little hands and, without syrup, relatively easy to clean up after. I cooked up a bunch before our trip and threw them in Ziploc bags for the flight.

Pureed fruits – This isn’t the cleanest food but it is portable. For those long flights, we had plenty of pureed apples, pears and bananas.

Watermelon chunks – In case you haven’t noticed, this kid loves his watermelon. While this rates high on the mess factor, it also keeps him happily snacking for a good amount of time. We’ll call it a draw.

Other snacks Shai just can’t seem to get enough of:

Oatmeal – Lately, Shai has been loving Purely Elizabeth superfood oatmeal. I love it too because it comes packaged in a cup, so we’re only a cup of hot water away from a good meal (and happy baby).

Squeezable pouches – While these other foods take some prep, squeezable baby food pouches are my go-to for maximum portability and minimal mess. Seriously. They’re a lifesaver.

Puffs – As I said before, getting Shai to eat his veggies can be a challenge. These superfood puffs are a great mix of fruits, veggies and grains and perfect for little fingers. For trips, we like to pack them away in his Munchkin container for easy snacking and easy cleanup.

Photo Credit: Peta Murgatroyd

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