New Home, Fresh Start

New Home, Fresh Start

Our decision to move was a pretty easy one. Without going into too much detail, it was definitely time to move on. So, after about 7 months of looking, we’re so happy to have found a place that we both liked enough to rent while we look for our permanent home.

I grew up with plenty of space. Not that we lived in anything close to a mansion, but my brother and I always had room to go wild – indoors and outdoors. I always wanted my child to be able to have that, too. While our new home doesn’t have all of the finishes or decorative touches that I wanted, it’s a great size and a good start for our growing family.

It’s safe to say Shai came first when we were looking for houses. We wanted a safe space for toddling one year olds to wander and play. This new place has all of the living space on the ground floor (there’s a spare bedroom upstairs, above the garage), a large bedroom that he can grow to call his own, outside areas with a pool and room to run around (which is in the process of being baby-proofed), and a long driveway where he can ride his bike.

Fortunately, he loves it. We got home from vacation and Shai’s eyes lit up. He ran everywhere for the next 3 days and never wanted to sit down; I think he was making up for lost time. And there’s a lot we love about this place, too.

I’ve always loved a big living room, but I love it even more now that we have a 1-year-old running around everywhere. We moved our huge couch into the smaller, cosier den area so Shai could have the whole living room. Now his playpen takes up about a quarter of the room with the rest open for playing and learning.

I love the kitchen. It’s so big and has soooooooo many outlets so no one has an excuse to take another person’s charger out! 😉 There’s lots of space for all of Shai’s kitchenware and has two designated cupboards that he’s allowed to play in (he was going nuts not being about to get into the baby-proofed cabinets). There’s also nice stuff for mummy and daddy like a computer nook for work, security cameras for peace of mind, and a wine cooler for some much-needed unwinding.

But mostly, I’m just happy that we have a nice, safe place to just be – whether it’s together as a family or in our own spaces where we can relax. It’s what makes a house feel like a home.

Photo Credit: Peta Murgatroyd

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