A Very Special Valentine’s Day

A Very Special Valentine’s Day

If I recall correctly, Maks and I have been in different cities the last two Valentine’s Days. Work usually takes priority over these types of holidays. Even still, we’ve always tried to make up for the physical distance with little surprises that keep you from feeling like you’re missing out on all the romance of the day – like the time Maks had a hundred roses sent to my hotel room while I was hosting a charity event in Milwaukee.

This year will be different and extra special. Not only will we be together, we already have a nice romantic dinner planned – at home together, madly in love with our little family.

I am filled with such an overwhelming amount of love for both Maks and Shai – a love that celebrates the little life we made and the life we get to build together. I feel like I have a larger purpose now that I’m responsible for this little human, and that the everyday things that used to bother me don’t matter as much. It truly is one of the most incredible, daunting, exciting and crazy moments of your life. It brings out instincts in you that you never knew were there. Like, one day Maks and I were mid-conversation, he looked at me and said, “I’d kill for him.” And without hesitation, I responded, “So would I.” (I guess I finally know how a mama bear feels.)

The love we both have for Shai has only increased the love we have for each other. I couldn’t see how Maks’ and my relationship could get any better, but by bringing Shai into this world together, somehow it did. When you have a newborn, spending time alone together is hard work. So we try to focus on the quality of time we get together rather than the quantity. I’m a big advocate for affection. Especially since everything is so new, we’re trying to maintain a loving, supportive environment filled with lots of encouragement and telling each other how amazing they’re doing and, of course, the spontaneous showers of hugs and kisses.

We’ll never be the same Maks and Peta again. Sure, we’ll get back to our careers; we’ll even sneak away for drinks or dinner. But now, wherever we go, whatever we do, we’re Maks and Peta and Shai – and that’s a kind of love worth celebrating.


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Photo Credit: Stefania Orru

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  1. I love how protective you are. I have two boys, a 3 year old and 7 year old. Just wait until Shai gets older, it’s so hard to want to protect them from everything but also let them experience life. It is definitely a double edged sword! Good luck

    Posted by: Llinos on March 31, 2017 at 12:02 am