Must-Have Baby Items for a Bicoastal Mom

Must-Have Baby Items for a Bicoastal Mom

For as traditional as we try to make things, we’re not your everyday family.

As performers, our work is constantly taking Maks and I from coast to coast. So when Dancing With the Stars called, we had to temporarily leave our New Jersey home and head out to L.A. – and do so while trying to keep our little family as whole and normal as possible.

As any parent knows, babies need a lot of stuff. And not just things to keep them happy and healthy, either. You need a lot of things so you can have something that resembles a normal, social, active life while taking care of your baby. The strollers and car seats and diaper bags that let you do crazy things like leave the house for brunch or go for a walk. Things that, when you’re a bicoastal family with a lot on your plate, you need multiples of to make the most of the time you have together.

Since Shai was born, we’ve received some amazing advice from our nursery designer, Vanessa Antonelli (who’s also a baby gear expert) and been given a lot of great products that have made our go-go-go lives just a little easier. Here are some of my favs.


7 a.m. Enfant Voyage Diaper Bag

Leaving the house with a baby is never just leaving the house. Babies need a lot of stuff. Diapers, wipes, snacks, more diapers, toys, spare clothes, teething rings, lotions, other toys, creams, more diapers. A lot of stuff. That’s why I love my 7am Enfant Voyage bag. It’s super lightweight and holds all the essentials – and then some!


UPPAbaby Vista Stroller

No matter which coast we’re on, there’s something so refreshing about taking a walk around the neighborhood as a family. Maks and I get to spend some time together and Shai gets to look at all the doggies and trees and things from the comfort of his UPPAbaby stroller system. Even better? It could handle up to three little Chmerkovskiys.


Doona USA Convertible Infant Car Seat

When we’re working in LA, our “Sunday Thing” is driving down to Malibu with Bubby and strolling around the Village. With the Doona stroller system, the car seat raises into a stroller, making Sunday strolls super-convenient.


Babyletto Harlow 3-in-1 Convertible Crib

Being bi-coastal family means home base is wherever you make it. For our California home, we created a nursery space with clean lines, lots of toys, and this awesome eco-friendly crib. What’s really neat about the Harlow model in particular is that the front slats are acrylic, so Shai gets a full view of the world. And, as he grows, it can transition from a crib into a toddler bed and a day bed.


Halo Sleep Bassinest

When Shai was first born, I literally I couldn’t stand being apart from him for even a minute. That’s why the Bassinest was so great. I could keep it beside my bed and it was super-easy to swivel over to comfort him at night, plus the mesh sides were perfect for when I needed some middle-of-the-night new mum peace of mind.


Thank you to @halosleep, @babyletto, @doonausa, @uppababy, and @7amenfant for making this busy mum’s life just a little easier.

Photo Credit: Stephanie Todaro

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